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School Programmes



Our schools prorammes run under the guidance of Stirling Kirk's Together which is a partnership between the Church of Scotland congregations in Stirling (St Ninians Old Parish, Viewfield, St Mark's, Stirling North, the Holy Rude and Park Church and also the United Free Church in St Ninians.



All of the volunteers who work directly with the children are PVG checked.

Easter Code


Easter Code is held each year during Lent (40 days leading up to Easter Sunday) for primary school age children from the local primary schools.It explores the story of the Passover, the progress into Jerusalem, the role of the Romans and the empty tomb.

Popcorn & Cake


Popcorn & Cake  is held each year at Pentecost (Pentecost is celebrated 10 days after Easter), for primary school age children from the local primary schools, of St Ninians, Allans and Borestone Primary, and it explores the birthday of the Christian Church

Bubblegum & Fluff


Bubblegum & Fluff is held each year at Advent (period prior to Christmas) for primary school age children from the local primary schools. It explores the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ.

Holiday Club


This is held at Easter every year and alternates between Park Church and St Ninians Old Parish. It runs for 3 weekday mornings each year with a wide variety of activities for all primary school children.

A theme is chosen and developed with the children over a period of 3 or 4 days. Some of the themes that they have explored include “Pyramid Rock” - the story of Joseph, “Awesome“ – telling of Jesus’s miracles and “Rocky’s Plaice” – how God established the early church, amongst many others. 


The program is meticulously planned and prepared by Planning Leaders supported by helpers from both congregations, and aims to present a message through games, activities, stories, drama, discussion and time for reflection, building up over the week.


Initially running over 4 mornings the Club now takes place over 3 mornings. Last year we had 27 children taking part at one session. The cost for families is £1.00 per child per day.

The aim of the Holiday Club is two-fold: to spread God’s word with children and to have fun with one another, encouraging the children to interact with adults who also fully enjoy participating in the experience.

Watch this space for news of our next sessions !

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